Welcome to CogniTwin

The aim of CogniTwin is to create a digital twin model for exploration of behavioural changes in patients with proven cognitive disorders by applying Big Data and Artificial Intelligence methods. Such model identifies the causes and trends that lead to a deepening of the long-term cognitive decline. The results will be used to assess cognitive status in a timely manner and suggest appropriate preventive actions of cognitive disorders.

Our approach
  • Create a Patient Information Model (PIM) relying on data from different sources.
  • Establish a seamless, bidirectional connectivity between the physical patient and the virtual patient (digital twin).
  • Aggregate data in a single data storage, while providing semantic interoperability and quality of data.
  • Analyze data to produce new knowledge that drive the decision-making process.
  • Apply the new knowledge to the therapy of the physical patient in order to produce an impact of the digital twin - more precise diagnosis and timely and adequate therapy.

Our News

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